Analytics and Reporting

Get to know your data. It can be the difference between the success or failure of your digital campaign.

See a higher return on investment

Analysis of your digital marketing activities is vital to the ongoing success of your campaign. Our role is to present you with the right data so you can make informed decisions about your multi channel strategy.

How do we do this? At Bang, we use a number of software tools to provide us with comprehensive feedback on your performance:

Google Analytics

This includes standard analysis (visitor performance) as well as goal tracking, event tracking, assisted conversion path reporting, demographic performance, in-market segmentation, funnel tracking and ROI analysis.

Social Analytics

This includes engagement metrics, social actions, impressions and advertising spend.

DashThis Reporting

We use DashThis to integrate all of the above into one easy to understand report.

Want to track your entire lead to sale process?

DataPop is an advanced CRM tracking software that allows us to follow the customer journey from initial enquiry all the way to sale, and track back the cost per conversion to sale value. In short, this means we can make sure your campaign investment is focused on the activities that deliver sales, not just leads.

Our process

  1. We review your current Analytics account (if you have one) to ensure that this is positioned to provide the reports required and develop performance benchmarks.
  2. We define measurable outcomes in the form of goals, funnels and events.
  3. We develop the report requirements and automate these on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your requirements.
  4. We provide customised recommendations that are actionable to meet your objectives.

At Bang Digital, we understand business and know that our clients are looking for reporting that generates growing traffic, healthy conversions and an overall profit increase. Let us help you find what you’re looking for.