Analytics and reporting

Get to know your data. It can be the difference between the success or failure of your digital campaign.

Amplify your strategy with data-driven insights

Discover your data and make more informed decisions by accurately analysing your digital marketing activities.

Let us help you see the bigger picture.

  • We define measurable outcomes that are valuable for your business goals and KPIs
  • We review the raw data from your campaign performance and transform it into easy-to-digest information and insights
  • We use this evidence to make decisions and recommendations based on results that will improve your strategy and meet your objectives
  • We provide you with a clear reporting dashboard customised to your needs

Understand your visitors inside and out.

Google Analytics helps to build a complete picture by bringing together all the data we need to analyse campaign performance and make data-driven decisions to improve your strategy.

We take into account and measure your goal tracking and acquisition, user behaviour and demographics, and utilise custom UTM tracking to easily visualise data.


Visualise and make it happen.

Google Data Studio gives us the ability to create beautiful and clever reporting dashboards that visualise the data that is most important to your business.

By integrating with a range of data sources, we transform your raw data into meaningful metrics to help you better understand your digital marketing performance.

Manage your databases. Intelligently.

Bang Digital's marketing automation solution, DataPop, identifies your most qualified leads and uses this information to improve your conversion rate and increase your revenue.

With DataPop, you can spend more time focusing on and achieving your business goals while the marketing automation takes care of the rest.


Divide and conquer (your audience).

Klaviyo is the intelligent way to segment your eCommerce audience into precise transactional and behavioural groups.

By taking advantage of browsing behaviour, we can tailor and personalise campaigns to match the target audience to improve engagement, relevancy, and conversion rate.

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