Why Video Content In 2014 Is Essential

One of 2013’s predicted online marketing trends was the recommendation for video content, a trend that has now evolved into a necessity for 2014. There are multiple benefits to having video content for your business, below are the majors:

Inform your target audience
In an online world where today’s user has a limited attention span; video cuts through, clarifies and entertains. In a very short amount of time you can showcase your brand messaging and unique offering. Through video you are able to engage your audience and educate them.  

Video is a comfortable environment for your audience
YouTube has more than 4 billion views per day! Everyone is watching video and online viewership is increasing more and more every year. You know where your audience is, now it’s time to target them.

Search Engine Optimisation
Video content is now helping businesses enhance their rankings on Google. By having a variety of quality links (i.e. videos, blogs) on your website, Google looks more favourably upon this. When executed correctly video can be a very effective component of your SEO strategy.

You now know the advantages; here are some tips on making video content work for you:

1)    Produce quality: with more and more businesses developing video content, it highlights the need to have a production that will set you apart from your competitors. Whether it is animation or real-time, it is pivotal to first establish your objectives and key messaging of the video; then ensure this is executed in a professional and premium format.

2)    Correct video and YouTube channel optimisation: producing a quality video is one part of the equation. The next step is to ensure that the video has every chance of receiving maximum exposure. There are multiple optimisation tactics that can be undertaken to do this. For example, by having the correct labelling of titles, tags and descriptions – this information will be used by search engines when quality scoring based on its relevance to your website’s content.

3)    Integration: the best method for having your video content embedded into your website is to have a branded YouTube channel for your business.
Video also allows you to easily share content across your other social media initiatives. For example, by having your YouTube Channel embedded into your Facebook company page through an application, you are ensuring all your digital marketing communications are integrated. Your Facebook page then creates another distribution channel for users to reach your YouTube video content.

Video content is here to stay, and provides your business with multiple benefits. Make sure you get on-board – it’s fun, low cost and highly effective.
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