Bang Online Is Taking Reporting To The Next Level

Recently Google has been developing their Google Analytics platform which is the platform we use to monitor all our clients metrics. These commonly include key metrics such as visits, average visit duration, bounce rates, new visitors, returning visitors and conversions.

While these have been the standard metrics that we have reported on over the past few years, Google Analytics have developed some exciting new features that can really improve the information your company can gauge on visiting clients and gain much deeper insights.

So What’s New?

The main features that you can now see with this reporting are quite awesome and include the following key areas.


Google Analytics can now group visitors by their age groups, which as marketers we find extremely helpful. This information can translate into website design, social media advice, website copy, advert copy and imagery. Obviously you would market far differently to 18 to 24 year olds than 55 to 60 year olds wouldn’t you? This function allows you to see the age of the people who are entering and engaging on your website. Pretty great hey!


The reporting now allows you to break users down by gender! This again gives superb insight into who actually visits your website and how you should be tailoring you language, offers, colour schemes and ad copy. Moreover you can now see what campaigns not only have a good conversion rate but also whether they were even across gender or particularly good for male or females. Then with this data you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

Affinity Categories

The Affinity Categories is definitely one of the coolest bits of the new reports as Google actually groups users into lifestyle categories such as music fans, gamers, sports players etc. The data is sourced via Google Display Network and is collated where possible to give a pretty good indication to categorise a user accurately. According to Google not all user data is useable due to privacy settings, however the reports appear to be made up from a subset of users, giving indications rather than exact data. Which is still better than not having this function at all.


This Is Great, How Can I have Access To This?

What is required is an update to your Google Analytics code meaning one of our expert web developers will need to access your website via FTP and update some code. This will activate the ability to start tracking right away and then in the coming weeks you will begin to see the patterns emerge.

So Once The Tracking Is In Place, How Can I Gain Insights?

All the information is accessible via your Google Analytics portal, however Bang Online is developing some superb excel data spreadsheets where we export the raw data, analyse and then deliver recommendations based on the data. Also as the code will be being updated on how your website ‘tracks’ and ‘stores’ user data, there may be a few updates to your privacy policy that need to be made – but don’t worry we can assist you on that as well.

Our team will do all the hard work sorting of the data, then we can work with you to utilise these new insights into your digital marketing strategy. For more information on any getting this reporting code implemented into your website, please get in touch with the friendly team at Bang Digitaltoday!