Baylee Cooper

Social Media Executive
What I do at Bang?

I manage digital marketing strategies for clients - paid and organic. My role is to stay across innovative ways to position brands in the marketing mix, optimising social campaigns for the best possible return on investment, and collaborating with clients to ensure their brand voice and personality is communicated to their audience.

Why I love what I do?

The relevance of digital marketing - we all consume content and make purchasing decisions based on that. Watching marketing evolve with changes in trends and behaviour is super fascinating to me. Even when I'm not working and I come across an advertisement, I often ask myself 'why did I engage with that?'

Proudest moment to date?

Living and working in London. I moved there straight after I finished Uni with almost no friends and family, it was a tough but extremely rewarding experience to live out of Australia, and something I had wanted to do from a young age.

If I was a cocktail what would I be and why?

Amaretto sour. They are a little sweet and a little sour. Enough said.

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Baylee Cooper
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