What should you take into consideration when choosing platforms to include in your digital strategy?

Businesses of today are faced with a plethora of mediums in which to distribute their message. Owners and operators have to make decisions about where to invest their marketing dollars, social, organic search, paid search, display and email – just to name a few. With so many choices and options available, never has it been more important to plan a digital strategy which has a clear goal and purpose to meet your business’ objectives.

Here are a few things to consider before diving headfirst into the tempest that is online marketing:

Your objective

What do you want to achieve with you campaign? Are you trying the get people through the door? Do you want people to purchase directly off your website? If you were to break it down extremely simply, try to categorise your goal into one of two areas; branding or call-to-action.

The various forms of advertising all have different strengths and weaknesses when it is broken down in this way. For example, Pinterest is a fantastic way to create a beautiful, visual representation of your business but not the most effective way to get people through the door for your  upcoming weekend sale. A Facebook campaign is more likely to get instant results with customers on your doorstep.

Your customers

The audience that you want to reach should have a great impact on the decisions you make. There is no point putting a television advert for a retirement village during the kid’s cartoons on a Saturday morning. It is all about getting the most value out of your advertising dollar. A clearly defined audience profile will result in a more effective campaign in the long-term.

One extremely handy benefit with online advertising is that you are clearly able to define audience profiles, selecting the age, location, interests,  of the people that your message reaches. The targeting capabilities of online marketing holds great potential to reach the target markets most valuable to you.

Available resources

Every platform and channel has different resource requirements, often the most significant of these being time. Understand the capacity of your team and the benefits that outsourcing can bring.

Social is a fantastic way to interact with customers and potential customers but the time investment needed to effectively deliver a social campaign is more than most internal teams are able to handle. As is consistent with standard business practice, you have to pick your battlefield intelligently and avoid spreading yourself too thinly.

Though Google Ads is not typically some viewed as easy-to-manage it becomes very simple once you enlist the services of some form of outside assistance, such as an agency. If your business contains an e-commerce platform the campaign can often be optimised so that it delivers a positive return on investment, even when considering the agency fees.

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