Gav Feilding

Head of Strategy
What I do at Bang?

I work closely with key clients to understand their business, brand and customers; and Bang's technical team to develop strategies that achieve short term performance goals and long term growth. I also work with the leadership team to develop and improve our service offering.

Why I love what I do?

I love the digital space and the innovation and possibilities that come with it. I also love learning about our clients' businesses, getting to understand what they do and how they create value, and helping them find creative ways to share that value with more customers. Uncovering the little details about why customers love them and seeing the idea develop into a campaign that delivers results, that's a good feeling!

Proudest moment to date?

Career wise, being a very green Digital Manager and rebuilding Dusk's ecommerce business from the ground up to achieve double digit revenue growth was a fun challenge. A much harder challenge, however, is keeping my three kids from killing each other... pretty proud of that.

If I was a cocktail what would I be and why?

Negroni. Refreshing with a bit of a kick.

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Gav Feilding
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