Ari Silberstein

Search Coordinator
What I do at Bang?

I help look after anything and everything related to search, be it Google Ads, SEO strategies, Google Analytics, or anything digitally adjacent. Making sure campaigns are running smoothly is a core component of my role, as are client relations and in-depth reporting.

Why I love what I do?

My job demands problem-solving in both technical and creative respects, which is perfect for a nerdy guy with a vivid imagination. I enjoy the unique daily challenges of the digital world, especially when it all comes together and you get those satisfying results you've been craving.

Proudest moment to date?

Getting the invitation to join the Bang team was definitely a huge moment, validating all those years of studying and degree shenanigans. The work culture is truly great as well, which retroactively makes the moment even more proudworthy.

If I was a cocktail what would I be and why?

I would be a Margarita because I love pizza and wordplay.

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Ari Silberstein
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