Aislinn Manypeney

Search Executive
What I do at Bang?

Well, if I’m honest that’s actually something I find hard to describe when people ask me. Technically, my role is to develop and manage paid (SEM) and organic search marketing (SEO) strategies for our clients needs. But Bang works with clients from a wide variety of industries from mining to retail, so it means our work is always changing depending on them and their needs. How we complete our work is so varied too. There’s days I feel like a web developer editing websites, a graphic designer creating content and even a behavioural scientist using data to understand a user's behaviour so yes it’s hard to summarise it all.

Why I love what I do?

There’s a few reasons I love my job. I’ve studied both psychology and marketing so I love that my role allows me to continue working with what I’ve learnt and enjoyed most about my degrees particularly data & analytics, understanding human behaviour and also critical & creative thinking. The other reason I love my job is the satisfaction I get from helping our clients achieve their goals or even just progress working towards them. It’s nice to feel like you have a purpose in their journey.

Proudest moment to date?

When I realised what I could achieve through my willingness to work hard and through having the right mindset.

If I was a cocktail what would I be and why?

Obviously a martini ‘shaken, not stirred’

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Aislinn Manypeney
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